Yahu “Rock” Blackwell “The Blind Will Hear, The Deaf Will See” Vlog


Rock Blackwell will always have the heart of a king. The Champion strives daily to give back to the community, by being a mentor and helping to rid the world of hunger and poverty.

Rock is a source of inspiration and the ultimate success story in the community, he offers nourishment to the body and mind while on the street interacting with those less fortunate. His humble rise to super stardom keeps him forever grounded and devoted to helping others out. The tough projects in Baltimore, MD, prepped him for a career doing what he loves, so with that Rock says ‘thank you’ by revisiting his past.

WBU boxing champion “Rock Blackwell” takes you behind the scene’s of his life in “The Blind Will Hear, The Deaf Will See” Coming Soon!


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