Rockets Players on How Dwight Howard Would Cry to GM About Post Touches


Dwight Howard is no longer a menber of the Houston Rockets, and if the 2016 media day was any indication — the Hawks newest star acquisition won’t be missed.

During the 2016 media day session, the Rockets and James Harden said all the right things about “looking in the mirror,” “positive vibes” and speaking up when your frustrated, instead of running ot the GM.

The running to the GM part wasn’t an actual quote, but it was telling when Harden and other Rockets players started talking about “championship aspirations” and Dwight Howard’s penchant for running to management when he was unhappy about his touches per

Harden said he will be more vocal this season and demand that his teammates do the same. One issue several Rockets had with Howard was that he kept quiet. He wanted the ball more, but instead of going to his teammates he went to Morey.

Howard should have approached Harden. He didn’t and tried to play through it instead.

This season, Harden said nobody will accept silence.

“We can’t read minds,” he said.

Harden for his part admitted he wasn’t focused last season — promising to “do better” and lead the Rockets to a championship.

This should be entertaining.

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