Ron Jaworski Says Chip Kelly’s Oregon Offense Won’t Work In The NFL

New Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has made it clear that his offense can be a success in the NFL, even if he doesn’t run the same variation he used at Oregon.

Not everyone thinks Kelly’s offense will be a hit or a success.  Ron Jaworski of course is a Philadelphia legend and studies film for a living working for ESPN.

Jaworski was a guest on 97.5 The Fanatic here in Philadelphia, and said that Kelly, who has no NFL experience at all, “is much more likely to adjust his offense to the realities of the NFL than to revolutionize the NFL by bringing his spread offense to the next level.”

When asked point-blank if the offense will work, Jaworski had no problem saying no.

“It’s easy to say, ‘Yeah, it worked in college,’” he said. “But then I looked at a game like Stanford. Stanford, a good defensive football team, shut them down. I hope it works. I like the innovation, but I think it’s going to be very difficult. The NFL is a different league with fast players that have all week to prepare for you. At the collegiate level, you have 20 hours to prepare for that Oregon offense. Take out three hours of game time. You’ve got 17 hours in the course of a week to practice and prepare for that style of offense. It kills you in college. But in the NFL, these guys work 17 hours a day. A day, not a week – 17 hours a day getting ready, so there’s no secrets.”

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