Russell Westbrook Lands The Cover of GQ; Talks KD Going to Warriors (Pics-Vid)

Russell Westbrook has always had a unique fashion sense and that has given him a unique brand outside of basketball.

While he isn’t a global icon like a LeBron or even a D Wade, he is putting himself in a position to take things to the next level, especially now that he is DA MAN in OKC.

He spoke to GQ about Kevin Durant leaving and the void he is trying to fill now.

In the days that followed Durant’s departure, Westbrook was said to be angry and hurt, but he stayed largely quiet. Even now, months later, he’s careful with his words. He knows how things can sound, knows the value of striking a conciliatory tone.

“I mean, obviously in the NBA there’s a lot of different decisions that people make,” he says. “The whole thing in the NBA is that people sometimes have an opportunity to go where they want. And Kevin chose a place where he wanted to go.”

So, have they talked much since?

“Uhh, not much, no.”

By staying, he’d become the league’s second-highest-paid player (tied with KD, among others, and behind only LeBron), the centerpiece of a franchise that, for the better part of a decade, has been right there, but never fully across the line. Westbrook had always been the second threat. The speed and the power, the decoy before the dish. But what would it mean now that the team was his alone?

Flip the pages for the photos from Westbrook’s GQ shoot. They are quite interesting as you might imagine.

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