Sad Details Behind Death of OKC Thunder Co-Owner


It’s not clear if OKC Thunder co-owner Aubrey McClendon lost control of his vehicle or really tried to “harm himself” amid a federal indictment — but some of the sad details from his finals moments behind the wheel of his SUV are now starting to trickle out.

Per TMZ:

McLendon “tapped the brakes” several times before his SUV crashed into a bridge … but cops say they aren’t clear if that means he WASN’T trying to kill himself.

56-year-old McClendon died in the March 2nd accident — after hitting an Oklahoma City bridge at such a high rate of speed, his SUV exploded in flames almost immediately.

In a news conference in OKC moments ago, officials say McClendon’s car was going 88 mph 5 seconds before impact … and 78 mph at the moment of the crash.

The successful oil-man was facing conspiracy charges, and looking at prison time if convicted.

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