Saints Jonathan Vilma To File Injunction Of Suspension

Jonathan Vilma is taking all the steps he can to assure he will be on an NFL field this season.

According to, via WWLV-TV in New Orleans if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t overturn his suspension, Vilma will file an injunction of his year-long suspension.

Vilma is banking on the injunction taking the power of being judge and jury out of Goodell’s hands and placing them in an actual judges hands.

That would be Judge Helen G. Berrigan of the Eastern District of Louisiana.

Vilma smartly filed the injunction in her court because that is where his defamation of character suit is filed also.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out as training camp approaches.  The commissioner has until July 5 to respond to the defamation suit and I’m sure he will drag this process out.

Roger “The Hammer” Goodell is not one to back down and has yet to have any of his decisions reversed especially not by someone other than himself.


  1. Reply Post By lee73

    Interested in seeing how this turns out

  2. It’ll be a bit crazy. We’ll see what happens. The point that the league has to see this through for ‘player safety’ issues is the most relevant (me thinks).

    1. yea not sure how Vilma feels he’s been defamed if his name is all over the slide show’s

  3. Reply Post By NFLBabe

    Confidence in your leadership is necessary and the lack thereof will implode your organization. You must demand professionalism with integrity and accountability. Vilma needs to be reminded of this, especially because of his role as the leader of that “d”.

    This argument lacks logic.Therefore they have ruined their argument with sloppy thinking and spontaneous digression. This is not a clear, crisp chain of logic. In order to be convincing, you need to believe in what you are actually saying, which requires honesty.Again this is the contrary. Demaurice Smith is a former Federal Prosecutor, he should know this.

  4. Reply Post By NFLBabe

    Whether it was a “Pay for Performance” or ” Bounty” or ” Clean big hits”, they all have the same common denominator. Regardless it is against the Policy and Protocol of the NFL. Article 46- Conduct detrimental to the league. In my profession, it’s called Moral Turpitude. At the end of the day, they disregarded the CBA and NFLPA, and their cash money for ” clean big hits” per say, still is wrong, unethical and unacceptable. Vilma had every opportunity to meet with the Commission and he opted out. He basically remained silent to protect his football family. If i was summoned to meet with the Medical Board ( bc of a complaint, & I didn’t show up) My license would either be provoked, suspended or put on probation. Vilma should of showed up along time ago when his name was front and center. I think Vilma showed up a little late for this party. His adamant delay denial isn’t too convincing. And to think he expected Goodell to fedex the evidence to him.. Come on man! Not to mention, Vilma taunting Goodell by his tweets. You can’t cry over spilt milk. And Vilma was a day late and a dollar short.

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