SEC Ref Caught Fist Pumping a Miss St TD During Game Against A&M (Video)


Maybe this guy is from Starkville or has an ax to grind with Kevin Sumlin.

Either way, the action was not appropriate, and should be investigated, especially in this day and age where gambling is prevalent.

An official in Texas A&M’s 35-28 loss on Saturday appeared to pump his fist after Mississippi State running back Aeris Williams scored a rushing touchdown to give the Bulldogs a 14-0 lead.

SEC director of communications Chuck Dunlap tried to explain the situation — saying that the umpire was not celebrating and explained the actions to USA TODAY Sports:

“The motion referred to in the video is a common non-verbal communication signal of clamping the whistle used by the umpire to signal a clean touchdown to officials on the wing. The umpire made the same motion on virtually every touchdown today, including those by Texas A&M.”

So basically, the umpire fist pumps, because he can’t raise his hands to signal the touchdown.

Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin had already expressed frustrations with the officiating after Trevor Knight was knocked out the game.

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