Seth Rogen & Ricky Williams Have Hilarious Discussion About Weed (Video)

This was actually kind of cool — seeing a lighter and more comfortable side of Ricky Williams.

The Heisman Trophy Winner and former NFL running back sat down for an interview with Bill Simmons he spoke about weed, the NFL and some of the surrounding issues that prevented him from having a Hall of Fame career.

Williams of course believes weed should be legalized.

“For sure, no doubt about it,” Williams said. “I think one, I look at the amount of stress and things that distracted me from playing football, surrounding cannabis.

Later he was joined by Seth Rogen and the duo participated in a not-so-rapid-fire round with Bill Simmons — where during what he called a “Weed Round,” Simmons tossed out a bunch of marijuana-related questions about synthetic weed, your favorite president to smoke with and your wrap of choice.

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