Shaq Criticizes Kaepernick Over Refusal To Stand For National Anthem


NBA players like Jabari Parker and Nick Young have openly declared their support for NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick on his refusal to stand for the national anthem. Hall of Famer and Shaquille O’Neal believes otherwise, coming with a different perspective on the matter.

“I mean to each his own, something I wouldn’t do,” the four-time champion said during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends on Wednesday, according to’s John Reid. “I don’t really have a say on it but I would never do that. My father was a military man and he protected this country – uncles are in law enforcement, they go out and work hard every day. Just, you know, there are other ways to get your point across.”

Kaepernick has made it clear from the start, that he’s not disrespecting military personnel nor veterans, but The Diesel really wants to know — “why now.”

“Again, my thing is, you have to enter onto the scene one way,” he added. ”People like Muhammad Ali and Bill Russell, they were one way their whole career. You can’t show us something and then go to another just because of certain issues.

”I’m aware of all the issues, but my question is how come he didn’t do it last year or how come you didn’t do it when you first entered the NFL? Again, I don’t know Colin, to each his own, it’s his constitutional right to do that but I would never do that.”

O’Neal joined Fox News’ Fox and Friends on Wednesday, so you kind of had an idea that he’d likely disagree with Colin’s approach. O’Neal is an avid supporter of law enforcement as well, so it’s not surprising he feels that way.

Shaq is also wrong for insinuating that this is something Kaepernick should have been doing.

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