Sheriff: Aaron Hernandez Treats Jail ‘Like Training Camp’


Some guys couldn’t last five minutes in county jail or prison. Others with a mental makeup similar to Aaron Hernandez flourish.

The former Patriots tight end has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd, but one Bristol County Sheriff believes Hernandez will just fine.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said Hernandez knows how to use his charm and manipulate better than anyone he has ever seen.

“He would make every effort to get extra sandwiches,” Hodgson said. “He would just try to convince the officers to give him more than what they otherwise could get.”

Hodgson says Hernandez had the same swagger he always walks around with upon learning of his fate.

He didn’t really have much of a change in his demeanor. He pretty much still had a swagger in his step.”
Hodgson said the 25-year-old Hernandez has an ability to compartmentalize things and lock out the negative.
“He doesn’t really look at it as jail,” Hodgson said. “It’s more like training camp.”

“He’ll probably do fine. He’ll be able to talk his way through everything,” Hodgson said, adding that disrespect is a “hot-button” issue for Hernandez. “If someone’s trying to outwardly and aggressively disrespect him, that could create a problem.”

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