Skip Bayless on Being ‘Surprised’ Troy Aikman Got Upset Over Gay Rumors


We live in a small world, so it’s surprising that Skip Bayless and Troy Aikman haven’t laid eyes on each other — since the then Dallas area sports columnist — alleged that the Cowboys, Hall of Fame quarterback was gay.

With Bayless likely trying to widen his profile on the Fox Sports platforms — he appeared on the Seth Davis Podcast this week — where he revealed he was surprised by Aikman’s outrage over the gay accusations, and would like to speak about after almost 20-years.

“No one who read that book thought Troy Aikman was gay. No one. Trust me. Because even Troy’s supporters who read the book loved the way I wrote it,” Bayless said. “As I wrote in the book I don’t know and I don’t care, but that was a big locker room issue that year and a big issue among the Switzer supporters.”

Here’s an excerpt from that book — you be the judge?

I had heard the rumor since 1991. An off-duty Dallas police officer who traveled with the Cowboys and worked security at their hotels first told me that ‘the word on the street’ was that Troy Aikman was gay. Over the next four years, I heard the rumor from two more police officers who worked around the team (and I know they mentioned it to team officials). One officer told me Aikman ‘was supposed to be’ having a relationship with a male member of a country-western band.

Aikman is likely to decline such meeting — telling Sports Illustrated about Fox Sports, “To say I’m disappointed in the hiring of Skip Bayless would be an enormous understatement.”

Bayless — as arrogant as ever — claimed that he wrote Aikman a note, suggesting that he was dumbfounded, by Aikman’s issues with the book, and with the claim.

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