South Carolina Players Accuse Clemson OL of Calling Them N*gger During Loss


The hilarity and hypocrisy of a player from Clemson hurling racial slurs towards a player from South Carolina can not be explained in one article.

Do you know how socially “unaware” you have to be as a white offensive lineman, to come out of your face and call an opponent a “nigger” — knowing most of your own teammates are black?

According to several South Carolina players — that’s exactly what happened — as a Clemson offensive lineman is being accused of using racial slurs during last night’s blowout per The Post And Courier.

“They called one of our defensive linemen—they used the N-word,” Gamecocks linebacker Bryson Allen-Williams told reporters, per David Caraviello of the Post and Courier. “An offensive lineman, I don’t know his number. … We’re going to get our get-back. Next year we play them in Williams-Brice Stadium, and we’re definitely going to have that game circled.”

Allen-Williams did not specify the player or his race, and coaches from both teams had no comment.

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