Stanford Routt signs with Chiefs

Former Oakland Raiders cornerback  Stanford Routt just made the intense AFC West rivalry between the Chiefs and the Raiders a little more intense after agreeing to a 3 year 20 million deal this morning with the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Routt signing signals the end of  the Brandon Carr era in KC and free’s up room now for Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli to sign Stud Wideout Dwayne Bowe to a  long term deal.


  1. Reply Post By USCQueen

    Damn Routt got racks on top of racks! You on a roll! Looking 4ward 2 your blog updates!

  2. Reply Post By LSUCollegegurl

    Cool article! Thx 4 sharing

  3. Reply Post By EaglesAllDay

    Philly representing sounds like you know your Football. I will follow your blog and check you out

  4. Reply Post By LSUcheer

    Can’t wait to see how this plays out

    1. Expect him to start at corner and the Chiefs try and resign Dwayne Bowe

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