Steelers And Mike Wallace Make Progress On Deal

When you look at the numbers Mike Wallace puts up and the checks he cashes, its easy to understand why he might be just a little annoyed with the lack of a new deal.

$2.7 million is what Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace is due to make.  I can run off a hand full of wide-outs, some who don’t start that are set to make more.

Jason La Canfora and are reporting that even tho time to sign a long-term deal has passed, the Steelers are wary of the versatile receivers concerns and plan to take steps to make him happy.

“The sides have remained in close contact and continued their dialogue and are expected to maintain a steady pace with the start of training camp looming,” La Canfora reports. “There has been some movement and though no deal is imminent and work remains to be done, the situation has certainly improved since early this offseason. Both sides are motivated to complete a long-term contract.”

Wallace does have the comfort of knowing that the Steelers lock up their young talent while shepherding the old talent out.   Lamar Woodley and Troy Polamalu are just two of a long list of Steelers who have gotten their money.

Poor Mike Wallace just needs to continue to be patient, budget his money and ball out.

I know easy for me to say.



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    Keep me updated

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    Hang in there Mike

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