Stephen Curry on Whether He’ll Change His Game For Durant


It was a less profane statement than the one made by Klay Thompson — but we get the message.

Piggybacking off of Klay Thompson’s comments that he won’t “sacrifice shit” for Kevin Durant — reigning MVP Stephen Curry made it well known that he won’t be changing his game either — while chatting with Darren Rovell in China:

After Durant signed with the Warriors, Thompson insisted that he wasn’t changing his game to accommodate the team’s newest addition. Curry says he won’t either, which won’t be a surprise to Durant. “It won’t change at all,” Curry said. “That’s the reason KD joined — knowing we weren’t going to sacrifice anything, that we all have to be ourselves to make things work. There will be some adjustments when it comes to the in-game flow and how we work together, but for us to be who we’re supposed to be, we all have to kind of elevate ourselves.”

In game flow means whoever is open will get the shot, or whatever matchup dictates, thus everyone should just play their game and see where the ball bounces.

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