Stephen Jackson & MWP on Ayesha Curry’s “Rigged” Tweet (Video)


Two former NBA stars have taken offense to Ayesha Curry insinuating that the NBA Finals were “rigged” after she went on a “conspiracy” theory rant following the Warriors game six loss.

For years, the growing sentiment is that the NFL and NBA rig contest so the outcomes are beneficial to business.

The idea stems from the obvious fact that game sevens and theater in big games or series are what the NBA and NFL both strive for.

Former NBA stars Stephen Jackson and Metta World Peace offered their response to Ayesha Curry possibly causing a black eye to the NBA by accusing the league of a conspiracy.

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    Like those two guys were ever anything but a black eye to the league. Ms. Curry is not the first person to allege this sort of thing and won’t be the last.

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