Story of How Even Prince Was in Awe of Ali (Video)

The list of great African-American icons is stacked with legends from every walk of life, but it appears Muhammad Ali will sit at the top of that list after passing away on Friday.

Legends from music, film, sports, politics and so many other genre’s of life, speak about being in awe the first time they had the pleasure of meeting the boxing legend.

The late great Prince was no different.

Prince and the heavyweight champion met Ali for the first time at a press conference in 1997 to promote The World Healing Honors, a benefit concert raising money for charities. t

Ali and Prince sat onstage together — with the musician sharing just how Much the boxing legend meant to him.

“My friend called me a couple of days ago and asked me. He said, Muhammad wants you to — and I said ‘Yes,’” the singer told a crowd of reporters. “I didn’t even let him finish. He could have said, ‘Mow the lawn,’ and I would have been down with it. Muhammad’s my hero. He has been since I was a child. As you can see, he’s such an inspiration to many people.”

Powerful stuff.

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