Joel Embiid, Andre Drummond Trade Verbal Jabs about Shooting & Health Ahead of Pistons-76ers Matchup (Video)

Joel Embiid on Andre Drummond and why he's not worried about him. You know someone is about to be disrespected when they start with, "No disrespect but…" #Sixers. — Marshall Harris (@mharrisNBCS) December 2, 2017 Joel Embiid and Andre Drummond are two talented centers, both with their own issues and warts that prevent them

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Andre Drummond & Pistons Agree To Five-Year, $130 Million Max Deal

Andre Drummond and the Detroit Pistons have agreed upon a five-year, $130 million max deal. ESPN sources say Andre Drummond's five-year, $130 million max deal with Detroit, meanwhile, is done. Player option for Drummond after Year 4 — Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) July 1, 2016 Drummond will have a player option for Year 5 of the

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Brandon Jennings With Filthy Off The Backboard Lob To Andre Drummond (Video)

Brandon Jennings OOP off the backboard to Andre Drummond — Steve Noah (@Steve_OS) February 2, 2016 Brandon Jennings will either give the plenty of depth — or allow some playoff team to take another step forward. Watch as Jennings and Andre Drummond connect for filthy off-the backboard alley-oop.

Brandon Jennings Calls Andre Drummond The ‘Best’ Big Man In NBA

Andre Drummond is hitting that growth spurt, and I don’t mean in just inches or shoe size. The Pistons talented big-man channeled his inner Moses Malone after he dropped 25-points and 29-rebounds in a game against Indiana. Teammate Brandon Jennings was so pumped, he anointed Drummond top big man in the league status. Andre Drummond

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Andre Drummond Helps Brandon Jennings Shape His Fro (Video)

It’s not really my place to critique, but I think Brandon Jennings would be better served focusing on improving his game, rather than his new look and brand. Jennings has unveiled a new afro look, that according to JocksandStilettoJill, he deemed the ‘Ike.’ During the Pistons’ game against the Pacers Friday night, teammate Andre Drummond

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Pistons Andre Drummond Shows Off Bedazzled Timbs (Video)

I understand stepping your shoe game up, but sometimes you have to avoid going overboard. To me, jazzing up Timberland’s are a no-no. The boot and the logo speaks for itself. In the video courtesy of TMZ, Pistons star center Andre Drummond took his timb game to a new ugly level. Andre Drummond has taken

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Joe Dumars Says Andre Drummond Is “Untouchable”

Joe Dumars loves the potential of 19-year-old center Andre Drummond. Drummond is so highly thought of by Dumars, that he apparently doesn’t have to worry about being traded anytime sooner. According to the Detroit News, Drummond is the only untouchable Piston on the roster. “There are guys who, a pecking order of things we would or

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