Twitter Reacts To LeBron Rocking ‘The Undertaker’ T-shirt at Cavs Practice

LeBron James is the ‘King’ — and he’s always been a ‘Phenom’ — so should we be shocked that he wore an Undertaker shirt to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ practice on Sunday. Was he sending a message to the Cavs — who currently trail the Golden State Warriors 3-1 in the series. With Draymond Green out,

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The Undertaker Hits Turkey With Tombstone Piledriver On Fallon (Video)

Will PETA be getting involved here. The Undertaker went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and it went as good as you could have expected. The 50-year-old Taker prepared for survivor Series by hitting this poor guy dressed as a Turkey with a Tombstone Piledriver. H/T: TBL

The Undertaker Set To Make His WWE Return? (Video)

It’s that time of year, and the questions are sure to starting coming in about The Undertakers presence at Wrestlemania. For the past several years, its been the one event that the dead man is guaranteed to take part in. After he had his streak stopped by Brock Lesnar last year, there was some skepticism

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