Tebow Accepts Invitations To “Jets West” Camp

I see you Mark Sanchez I see you.     Sanchez is the current New York Jets starting quarterback and going out his way to prove that this is his team.

Mark Sanchez has hosted a “Jets West” passing camp for himself and offensive teammates every year since he entered the NFL.  This passing camp will be scrutinized unlike any he’s ever hosted.

Sanchez sent out an invitation to every Jets skill player and even included one for the mega star who many feel will eventually take his job.

Media Darling Tim Tebow has accepted the invitation from his competition and will show up and throw at the camp that will take place over the next few weeks.

Sanchez has hosted his passing camp in Southern California at Mission Viejo High School the past two off seasons.

The camp is intended to build team chemistry, and timing with his receivers and running backs before training camp begins in late July.

Santonio Holmes has not yet committed to the camp even tho he attended the camp in 2010.

Sanchez has stated the camp will be closed to the media the entire 5 days.

I fully understand what Sanchez is doing.  He wants the media and everyone else to understand that the Jets are his team and as long as he plays well the Tebow effect will be null and void.


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    Although I like Tebow he is not a better caliber quarterback then Sanchez the jets need to stop sacrficing media exposure for the comradery in their locker room and on the field.

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