Terrell Owens Speaks To OCNN


Terrell Owens hasn’t had too much to say since being released by the Allen Wranglers on May 29.

Well this morning he blessed us with a few words courtesy of ocnnreport.com after a workout with him and recently unemployed friend Chad Ochocinco.

Owens really didn’t say much in the two-minute video recorded on a field in south beach. ¬†Between the wind blowing and the low volume its hard to make out everything T.O. had to say.

He did state”Everything happens for a reason.”

“Everybody is hating and doubting him.”

Owens also said he feels he has two good seasons left and he would like to play for a contender.

At this point Ocho has a better opportunity of being employed sooner than later and I’m not sure the bravado Owens displayed in the video will make any general manager or personnel guy for NFL clubs rush to give him a call.

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