Texas A&M Freshman QB Johnny Manziel Arrested

Some athletes can handle idle time and others cannot.

The South Eastern Conference is leading the police blotter this morning.

Another conference player had his mug shot taken this morning.

According to thebiglead.com, via aggiesports.com Manziel and another man were in the middle of an intersection throwing blows when bicycle patrol pulled up on them at 2 a.m. Friday morning.

Manziel was asked to provide ID and provided 2 that stated he was 21 even though he is 19.

The young freshman was considered an option for the Aggies’ starting quarterback role vacated by Ryan Tannehill.

I’m sure he’s pleased to have a mug shot fresh out a scene from the movie Fight Club.


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    Daamn another athlete! It must be the heat lol

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