Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel Was Scooby Doo For Halloween And The Ladies Loved It (Pics)

It amazing what a lot of productivity will get you in a few months.

Earlier this summer Texas A&M quarterback was arrested outside a night club in a scene from fight club.

Many wondered aloud if Manziel would finish the summer on the team.

Today “Johnny Football,” as Manziel is currently dubbed, is the starter for the 6-2 Aggies and has passed for 2,216 yards and 16 touchdowns.

With that production comes great perk.

For example Manziel was dressed as Scooby Doo for a Halloween party, and from the look of the pictures courtesy of Lost Lettermen, Manziel got all the puppy love he could handle.




  1. Reply Post By Sean Breslin

    Good lord…those ladies in the first pic. To be a Texas A&M quarterback…

  2. Reply Post By Crackerboy

    Guy is definitely getting some ‘tail’ with or without that costume!

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