The Cowboys Get Their Man!

The Dallas Cowboys got their man, except it wasn’t exactly the man I thought they would get.  For weeks and minutes leading up to the draft I campaigned for the Cowboys to select Alabama Safety Mark Barron.  The Cowboys secondary as a whole has been a mess the past few seasons.   Corners who struggle to cover past two seconds, no big play guys, and no presence what so ever.   With the addition of cornerback Brandon Carr and a solid healthy Mike Jenkins returning, It was my opinion that Mark Barron was a necessity at the Safety position to finally solidify that Cowboys backfield.

Well I was wrong.   Well kinda wrong.  The Cowboys got that playmaker, that presence, and that solidification all in one pick.   Jerry Jones finally showed the stones that I knew he had and used them as a positive.  I would never have expected Jerry Jones to one move up and get a player he wanted,  but also move up almost eight picks to get him.

In Claiborne he gets the man I feel will bring a Champ Bailey, Shut down corner mentality to the Cowboys.  He becomes the Cowboys best corner almost immediately and will bring a champions attitude.   Claiborne is an aggressive corner who is tall and able to use his long frame to frustrate opposing wide receivers.

Claiborne can run with wide receivers, use press/bail techniques, and use his impressive ball skills to make plays in space.

Will Mo Claiborne become an elite level cornerback and future all pro?  Yes I think So.   What I know for sure is that tonight the Cowboys defensive culture changed for the better tonight.  Welcome to Dallas Morris Claiborne and Kudos to Jerry Jones for finally making a good football decision!

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    Let`s see if the Cowboys Defense grows some balls and steps it up- If they can manage that then the Cowboys will have what they need. I`m Hatin!

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