The Race For Number 1 in 2013

Success for any NFL franchise is usually dictated by their quarterback play.   Since the 2002 NFL Draft there have been at least 2 quarterbacks selected in the first round every April.   In honor of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes coming to an end, I figured I would take a peek ahead to some of the quarterbacks who could be the talk of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Lets be clear I am not a draft expert nor am I a quarterback Guru.  I do however have an opinion and the ability to analyze what I see.

Give or take a few surprises I counted eight to ten NFL franchises who could be in the market for a new signal caller in 2013.  In no particular order they are Buffalo, Miami, Jets, Browns, Jags, Chiefs, Raiders, Cardinals, Cowboys, and 49ers.

Now I understand that this is pre 2012 NFL Draft, and pre 2013 NFL Free Agency.


Matt Barkley 6-2 230

The 2013 Heisman favorite returned to Southern Cal to win a Heisman trophy and return the Trojans to national championship worthy status.  Barkley is a four-year starter, a conventional drop back passer with decent mobility outside the pocket, good arm strength and mechanics.  If he avoids injury and regression he should be a top 5-15 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Tyler Bray 6-6 210

Bray is the wild card of the group. The junior to be will most likely have the option of being a top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft or return to Knoxville and potentially be the No 1 overall pick 2013.  Bray according to scouts may be the most talented of all the bunch.  Bray is Manningesque with his pocket presence and poise.  He is strong armed, and accurate while only lacking a veteran experience in important SEC clashes.  His overall progress this season will dictate the pre-draft conversation in 2013.


Tyler Wilson 6-3 215

The gunslinger of the group, the redshirt junior is as tough as they come with a really big arm.  Wilson will stand in the face of pressure and deliver the deep ball better than any player in this group.  Wilson made a good business decision by returning to school, and should add better accuracy and better ball placement as 2 manageable goals.


Landry Jones 6-4 230

Jones may be the quarterback with the most to prove.  Jones has the size NFL scouts covet  but plays a bit skittish under pressure.  Jones is accurate with intermediate and deep routes.  I believe the success of former teammate Sam Bradford and conference foe Robert Griffin III will definitely help with any concerns about his spread offense being a deterrent in his learning curve.



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