Tired of Hearing about LeBron; Struggling Lakers Ditch Practice & Hold Team Meeting

The Lakers have a lot going on — so what does a team with Lonzo Ball and LeBron James future hovering over them do to quell the noise?

You have a “heart-to-heart” and discuss all that is wrong in Los Angeles.

The Lakers — losers of seven of their last eight — held a team meeting to air grievances according to the Los Angeles Times.


The Lakers have lost 7 of 8, Randle’s minutes are plummeting, players keep hearing they’ll be replaced by LeBron. Yesterday the team met to air all grievances.

Making things even more interesting is that Brandon Ingram admitted that the business side of the organization was a major tipping point.

“Just clearing up some things, what we can be better at, how we can hold each other to be more accountable, more accountable for ourselves, and how we can just get a better feeling for the game,” Lakers forward Brandon Ingram said after shootaround on Friday.

“… I don’t think you work through it in one day, but I think we put it out there about how each guy was feeling about how they play on the basketball floor, about how they’re feeling about the business of the organization, how they want to be played or anything of that nature. I think they just put it all out there, and ultimately I would hope they felt free after they did.”

Those concerns won’t go away anytime sooner, with much of the media continuing to speculate whether LeBron James and or Paul George plans to head west this summer.

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