Titans Running Back Chris Johnson Compares Himself To Lebron James

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson is feeling the hate.  Ironically Johnson is comparing his hate to similar disdain that reigning NBA MVP Lebron James felt after signing a new deal.

Johnson discussed the hate on “Rome” this week while being interviewed by Jim Rome.

According to ProFootBallTalk.com, Johnson told Rome he saw a lot of himself in King James while watching the NBA finals.

Johnson said “I feel just like LeBron — a lot of people are going to be back on the bandwagon,” Johnson said. “He had a lot of haters out there, a lot of people saying he wasn’t good and things like that and just to see how he overcame that and came back this year and won the championship, it shows his hard work and dedication.”

The former all pro was also quoted as saying , “I feel like a lot of people have written me off,” Johnson said. “I still went over 1,000 yards but it wasn’t a CJ2K year. So a lot of people are going to write me off. . . . I want to be the first one to do it twice, that’s certainly a goal of mine to do. . . . I feel like I’m still the best back in the league. When I ran for 2,000 yards my goal was to be the best player in the league and I still want to be that. In order for my team to make it to the playoffs, make it to the Super Bowl, I’m going to have to be the best.”

Right about now the only thing Chris Johnson and Lebron James have in common is the hate they receive.

Yes they both signed new deals and had to deal with doubters and critics.

One slight problem though, Chris Johnson got paid and his play fell way off.  Lebron James signed a new deal and made it to the NBA Finals as expected.

Lebron James was an All Star and All NBA.  Chris Johnson barely gained 1000 yards and didn’t sniff the Pro Bowl.

Chris Johnson is an amazing talent.  He should worry less about being like the king and more about trying to keep up with the Maurice Jones-Drew, LeSean McCoy, and Arian Foster’s of his world.

I’m Just saying Chris.


  1. I think Chris Johnson lives in an alternate reality.

    1. true indeed. he’s never won anything.

  2. Reply Post By NFLBabe

    I’m a little confused. How can CJ compare himself to Lebron, when CJ has never been to the Superbowl. I think Cj is an extraordinary player, but is no way comparable to Lebron. It took Lebron 8-9 yrs to finally get his championship. The Heat showed up allright….. Rack city… Rack rack city! They brought it on! Think i’m going to change my last name to ” EVER” first name “GREATEST” lol, btw where is that Drake when you need him? 🙂 Lebron is saying ” Who’s your daddy now?” What!!! The Heat!

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