Tony Romo & Andrew Luck sign Deals With DirecTV


The Manning brother have some new big named company joining them at the DirecTV table for promotion of the NFL Sunday ticket.

Darren Rovell is reporting that Tony Romo and Andrew Luck have signed endorsement deals with the satellite TV giant.

While the Manning Brothers will remain a heavy presence in the lineup, DirecTV is freshening up its NFL look by bringing in the new blood with star appeal.

Sports branding experts say Mr. Luck, 25, could appeal to younger fans while Mr. Romo, 35, has the benefit of representing “America’s Team,” whose fandom stretches beyond just the Dallas market.

“When you think of Romo, you think of a smile and charm,” said David Schwab, senior vice president of Octagon, which works with companies to negotiate celebrity deals. “When you think of Andrew Luck, you think of big beard and stoic demeanor, which plays itself well with Peyton Manning having a stoic look.”

On the field, Mr. Luck’s earnestness has a disarming effect: he is known for sincerely congratulating players who hit him hard.

DirecTV said the quarterback quartet also covers almost all regions of the country between them. Peyton Manning, who plays for the Denver Broncos, brings in fans out west; Mr. Romo has Texas and beyond; Mr. Luck carries the Midwest; Eli Manning appeals to the Northeast. The big draw of “Sunday Ticket” is that it allows you to watch out-of-market games, so DirecTV said it chose players with national appeal.

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