Twitter Reacts To Fired Up Al Roker Speaking on Entitled Ryan Lochte (Video)


I think the most foolish opinion that I’ve heard from the Ryan Lochte debacle centers around the theory that the US swimmers were just this bunch of kids having fun.

I mean the idea that destroying a gas station bathroom after a night of drinks is unacceptable, even if we’re were talking about young college kids.

Ryan Lochte is a 32-year-old professional — who was more entitled than he was drunk — when he decided he could vandalize at will, without repercussions or consequence.

During the Olympic coverage on NBC a short time ago, Al Roker got fired over Billy Bush’s delusional response to white privilege — hammering his co-host for daring to continue to believe Lochte’s version of the events.

Twitter was front and center for the battle — and the universe responded accordingly:

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