‘VICK’ The Documentary — Full (Video)

I’ve had the opportunity to watch the program in its entirety, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the way Bleacher Report presented the exclusive documentary VICK.

“I became a person that I didn’t really know,” Vick says in the trailer. “I can honestly say I let money change me. Anytime that happens, that’s a recipe for disaster. And it led me down a dark road.”

Vick was one of the most electrifying college football players in history — almost single handily beating FSU in the national championship game in the 2000 Sugar Bowl. The Falcons traded up to draft him with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2001 draft and the rest is history — with Vick making three Pro Bowl and securing 38-28-1 record in Atlanta.

Vick would end up in prison after he was indicted on federal chargers for funding and operating a dogfighting ring in Virginia, but the before and after deliver some key highlights that a lot of people probably were unaware of.

The one thing that stands out to me, was the relationship between Donovan McNabb and Vick, going all the way back to the former Eagles star recruiting Vick twice.

McNabb essentially fell on the sword for Vick after he was released from prison — convincing Andy Reid to sign the former Falcons star — while sealing his own fate in Philadelphia before being traded to Washington.

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