Vikings Adrian Peterson Arrested

Minnesota Vikings all pro running back Adrian Peterson was arrested early saturday morning around 2:30a.m. for resisting arrest. is reporting that Peterson was with family members and his girlfriend when the incident took place.

It is believe that Peterson was trying to get water as police were having patrons exit the club.

Peterson mouthed off to a cop a tussle ensued and the running back was subsequently locked up for resisting arrest.

Of course I’m going to give my opinion and its sounds like a cop didn’t like Peterson running his mouth to him and therefore used the power granted by Law to make Adrian Peterson’s night uncomfortable. ┬áThat would explain the $1,000 bond.

Peterson was released at 10:30 a.m. and spent approximately 8 hours in the slammer for no reason.

Grow up mr. officer


  1. ugggh and it’s my guy AP go home at a reasonable hour

  2. Reply Post By lee73

    Don’t talk smack to the the police lol They won’t hesitate to use their power lol

  3. Reply Post By samco25

    Damn he had a bad night

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