Vikings Coaches Tell Players Don’t Touch Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is back and will be scoring touchdowns at will anytime he wants.   At practice that is.

The Start Tribune is reporting that the Adrian Peterson rules are in full effect and simple to understand.   Don’t touch Adrian Peterson for any reason.  Oh yea and if you do your cut.

“The rules are simple,” safety Jamarca Sanford said. “Do not touch 28. If you touch him, you’re cut.”

Coach Leslie Frazier reiterated that to his defense several times yesterday, and again before they broke the huddle for 11 on 11 drills for the first time.

“Now we have to adhere to it,” Frazier said. “But one of the things they told me was, ‘Coach, you know how he runs. What about protecting us?'”

Peterson himself did not prefer the rules but understands that these will be the rules for a few weeks.

Said Peterson: “Initially, I kind of expected to get hit or bumped or something. … I’m still going to lower my shoulder. So those guys are probably going to get tired of touching off and tired of me putting my shoulder into them. They’ll end up firing back.”

Peterson is all guns ablaze and is hell-bent on starting the season opener on Sept 9.  For now Peterson will score his share of touchdowns without his progress being impeded one bit.


  1. That shouldn’t be a problem for the Viking defense which gave up over 200 yards rushing against the 49ers in their first preseason game :>)
    “Just do what you did last game, ignore the guy with the ball”

    1. lol awesome assessment. Yea kinda continuing with vikings tendencies lately. they should be used to it.

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    That’s crazy…does Frazier think AP is a QB now or something or is he just figuring out how fragile he is?!?!

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