Vince Young Struggling To Learn Bills Offense

In this day of new age sports journalism, it is easy for someone to form an opinion and spout off about it to the masses.

Like for example I’m going to spout off an opinion and go with it.   Its my opinion who can stop me.  Does that make me an expert?  No.  Is my opinion correct yes.

Vince Young’s NFL career is coming to an end.  Not because his athletic ability is declining.  Simply because Vince Young is not that intelligent.

According to  via the Buffalo News, head coach Chan Gailey has been impressed with Young during mini camps but has expressed concern over his inability to learn the playbook.

“He has done a very good job, considering the circumstances,” Gailey said after wrapping up mini camps over the weekend.

Pundits love to brag about Young being a winner and winning 30 of 47 starts for the Titans.

I never felt he was special as a quarterback.   He’s dreadful, can’t pick up a blitz, and has no work ethic.

Work ethic is more than lifting weights, running or working out.  A playbook and film study is like kryptonite to Vince Young.  Short of being diagnosed with a learning disability, Young can control his ability to learn.  Young can learn and master a playbook.  He just chooses not to.

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