Von Miller on How Dancing With The Stars Made Him Better Player


Von Miller missed a ton of time with the Broncos this spring amid a contract dispute and not wanting to get hurt while placed under the franchise tag.

Miller found other ways to stay fit and nimble — saying that “Dancing with the Stars” helped him develop a more complete work ethic he’s now bringing to the field.

“I’ve never put six hours into one thing every single day, not even football,” Miller said, according to Jeff Legwold of ESPN. “We practice for two hours. (Dancing) made me consistent. It made me have to come to work every single day and be consistent and work on something that I wasn’t really good at. When I come out here and play football, this is what I do. I’m a professional football player, so it’s easier for me to do this. I think having to struggle with that is definitely helping me here.

“I already had agility and flexibility, but the consistent part, coming into work and doing something that I’m not good at and have (dance partner) Witney (Carson) really depend on me to get my job done, that’s the correlation that it has on the football field. I’m not tackling guys on the dance floor. The work that you put in to be a great dancer has a direct correlation to the work that you have to put in to be a great football player.”

That’s why fresh off a Super Bowl MVP — Miller just racked up the AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors for three impressive sacks in the Broncos win over the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday.

I see a sack record being challenged.

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