Von Miller on Time Peyton Almost Got Him Sent Home Before Game For Clubbing


If Von Miller ever wondered about how intense Peyton Manning was about doing things the right way as a player — he only has to refer back to 2013 for reminder.

During an interesting Sports Illustrated feature on the Broncos “Freak” — Greg Bishop detailed a story of a pissed Peyton Manning suggesting Von Miller be sent home for missing curfew.

Before he became the Super Bowl MVP — Miller went through a phase where he was busted for marijuana use, accused of sipping ‘Lean’ and generally just being a f*ck up during his first couple of seasons in the league.

According to the report — the night before the Broncos’ Week 16 game against the Texans in 2013 — Miller and a couple of other teammates went out clubbing and ended up breaking curfew.

Then head coach John Fox addressed it during a team meeting — and Manning suggested that all three players be sent home.

Fox relented, let the three guys play and the Broncos ended up winning the game 37-13. Karma is a b*tch — an Miller ended up tearing his ACL in the first quarter — missing the remainder of the season.

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