Vontaze Burfict Needs A Therapist

Vontaze Burfict’s career can be saved ladies and gentlemen!  He just needs a therapist.   Nothing speaks more volume to that statement than a play from this past season.  Leading Andrew Luck and Stanford with six minutes to play in the fourth quarter, Burfict after just having committed a bone headed personal foul refused to come out of the ball game.  Line backers coach Trent Bray motioned for Burfict to come out of the game 4 times.  Each time Burfict Disrespectfully declined.

Burfict is more than just the regular head case and if he has any desire to have a quality NFL career, he needs to speak to a psychiatrist.  Burfict went from a scary dominating inside linebacker as a junior, to an undisciplined over hyped psycho.   I mean that”s what the experts say.  When i watch him on film I see a mike linebacker who believes he is Ray Lewis and plays more like Andy Katzenmoyer.   His freelancing comes off more as guessing and not knowing.  He portrays himself  as a fiery leader just trying to make plays.   His mental make up as a whole is a cause for concern.  His inability to realize and fully understand the importance of the NFL Combine leads me to believe he may be slow.  Yes mentally challenged.  IQ low.  Yes that kind of slow.  I mean how does a potential first round selection have a DISASTROUS NFL Combine.  How does that happen.  How do you get labeled out of control at the combine.

Brandon Spikes came out of the University of Florida two years ago with a little of the same baggage or reputation.   Spikes was able to calm down and has been pretty productive for the New England Patriots.  He also got himself adhd medicine.

I like some things I see on tape from Burfict and would really like to see him do well.  I just hope he’s not the next Lawrence Phillips.


  1. If he’s around in the 4-5th, I’d consider him.

    1. hell yes. some of those issues can be resolved.

  2. Reply Post By joecolin79

    He is a definite factor if he has a head check.

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