Warren Sapp Is In Trouble!

No not Warren Sapp.  My all time favorite defensive tackle has joined the growing list of former professional athletes who are now struggling with financial issues.

On Saturday several reports surfaced that the former all pro has filed for bankruptcy.  It’s reported that Sapp currently owes more than $6.7 million to creditors and back child support and alimony, according to chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in South Florida.

It’s not funny but amazing how they slid in that report that Sapp owns $6,500 worth of Jordan Brand sneakers.  Sounds like Sapp should have just tried to get an endorsement deal with Jordan Brand.

I myself am shocked by the recent developments in the QB Killa’s life.  In this shady economy Sapp was blessed to have two jobs.  unfortunately he is on the verge of losing both jobs.  Sapp is being paid $540,000 annually by NFL Network.  That deal is set to expire in August and his contract most likely will not be renewed.

Of course Sapp can thank his big mouth for part of his troubles.  Sapp’s window as an analyst started to close the moment he interjected himself into the New Orleans Saints “Bounty Gate” when he all but implied that former Saints TE Jeremy Shockey was the whistle-blower.    Several weeks have past and we now know that information from Sapp was false.  Unfortunately for Sapp the damage was already done.

Anyone that watches NFL Network can see that Warren Sapp is not the most gifted or natural TV analyst.  So I struggle to understand why he couldn’t keep a low profile.

I have loved Warren Sapp since his days at the U so I truly hope he can pull through this tough time and gracefully prepare for his Hall Of Fame acceptance speech.


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    Damn you gotta handle ya bizz finacially better. I`m a blue collard worker and I have more financial savvy then some of these blessed athletes so sorry no sympathy here. If you Paid your bills and child support Warren you wouldn`t be in this predicament!

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