Was Josh Gordon With Manziel At Trashed Mansion Where Drugs Were Found?


I’m all for being a great friend, but a question has to be asked in regards to whether Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon have a healthy relationship.

Nicholas Goodwin, who owns the rental property, initially told Page Six he found Manziel passed out on the couch, after they were supposed to check out at noon.

On Friday, Goodwin told Cleveland.com’s Mary Kay Cabot that Josh Gordon was with Manziel as well, but he never saw Manziel or Gordon doing drugs or drinking.

Goodwin came across the suspended wide receiver when he came over to the house at noon and found a sleeping Manziel, before speaking with a man who identified himself as Gordon.

“I didn’t recognize Josh because he’s not as recognizable as Johnny,” Goodwin said. “I sat and talked to him and said, ‘How do you know these guys?’ He goes, ‘I played with Johnny over at Cleveland.’ I said, ‘Your name?’ He said, ‘Josh Gordon.’ And I was like, wow, OK, I don’t know if it’s a good idea for these guys to be hanging out together.”

Goodwin said he returned at 6 p.m. and Gordon was gone but Manziel was still asleep on the couch. Even if Josh Gordon didn’t take part, it’s still another ugly look for a guy trying to get back in the NFL. Johnny Manziel comes from money, he’s going to be alright.

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