What Will The Tebow Effect Be?

I am guilty of being caught up in Tebow Mania just like everyone else.  Don’t lie you like myself spend every morning complaining and screaming about the constant Tim Tebow coverage on ESPN.  I like so many others never turn the channel either.  The subplot engulfs me.  He’s talented. He’s not talented.  He’s just a humble Florida boy.  He’s the Anti-Christ.  Be clear the Anti-Christ bit was a joke.  I think Tim Tebow is an awesome and real dude from what I can tell.   Make no mistake I believe he is talented and well-rounded enough to be President one day.  Tim Tebow can be the leader of just about anything he wants.

The question on so many minds is why is Tim Tebow a New York Jet?

I wonder if the Jets traded for Tebow the rock star and will figure the winning and success part out amid what certainly will become Tebow Mania each every day football is relevant.  That”s the Jets on the front of page of a New York News Paper  365 days a year.

Have the Jets acquired Tim Tebow to help a corral a wounded locker room that can be described as a bit rowdy and dysfunctional?

Finally I wonder if we are not giving the New York Jets brass enough credit for a shrewd personnel move and being able to acquire their unquestioned leader under center.

The Rock Star approach would continue the franchise on its current attention over winning mentality.   Jets owner Woody Johnson can see it now.  Trade for Tebow, play him several downs a game, hope you win most of those games and be the talk of the NFL each and every regular season morning.

The hired leader approach is a bit of a reach but does hold some truth and merit to it.  With personalities that include Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes, recently added muscle head LaRon Landry, Darrelle “I’m not a Leader” Revis, and Bart Scott to name a few, lets just say the NY Jets will never be known for their holistic approach to locker room etiquette.   The Jets can be brash, hostile and totally non therapeutic.   Oh yea and that’s towards each other.   Can the always positive, religious, high character, born leader get this bunch to interact as a single working unit?

The last and final theory is currently the most talked about and analyzed reason for the trade.   Is Tim Tebow here to Save the NY Jets and no pun intended save the tactless Rex Ryan?  Is the tough, head strong, mistake free Tebow exactly what the doctor ordered for Rex Ryan to finally get the Jets to the Super Bowl.

Everyone knows the Jets would like to re-establish that ground and pound offense without the costly late game turnover or mental error.   Whether it be an alternate by quarter system or Tebow flat-out earning the job over time, The Jets would like to run the football at minimum 27-30 times per game.  Whether it’s a hand-off to Shonn Greene or running it himself that works to Tebow’s strength.  A strong successful running game would significantly increase the 8 and 9 man fronts the Jets offense would see on each and every sunday.    I dare not bet against Tim Tebow not being able to beat single coverage deep with a “Focused” Santonio Holmes working to repair his image.

Like everyone else in America who loves the NFL I will be watching each and every morning!


  1. Tebow will put asses in the seats for the Jets!

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