Why Adam Morrison Has a Bunker Full of Guns


If and when the planet is overrun by “walkers” or some type of civil unrest, former NBA top pick and Gonzaga star, Adam Morrison will be more than prepared.

Bulldogs forward Kyle Wiltjer was a guest on Pardon My Take, and revealed via a comparison game, that Morrison is fully prepared for any type of apocalypse that may break out.

“If you know the guy, I don’t wanna compare myself to him. Let me give you a brief example of this: The guy is fully equipped if there was an apocalypse. He’s got food stashed away, everything. So he could survive everything,” Wiltjer said.

“Guns, everything. He’s got a bunker. Everything. I don’t think I can compare myself to him, so I’m gonna go with Christian Laettner.

“I haven’t fully seen it. I’ve just heard the myth, and I’ve talked to him about it. But he’s definitely fully-equipped. He’s got food, everything, if anything went down.

“He thinks something’s going down with politics or something, because if you ever ask him a political question, you will get a great answer … He thinks everyone is corrupt, basically.

“And he’s most likely gonna kill me now. No, he’s my guy, because during my redshirt year, he was on our coaching staff, so he basically, all redshirt year, was helping me work out. He’s been a huge mentor for me. So he’s my guy. And I know I had to get on his good side because if anything does go down, you guys are gonna be laughing, (but) I’ll be in his bunker.”

Gonzaga will play Syracuse in the Sweet 16 on Friday night, and if something crazy does happen, your first mission should be to get to Spokane, Washington to link up with the Bulldogs assistant coach.

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