Wiggins on Whether Canada’s Talent Can Match USA Bball (Video)


Laugh if you want, but Canada Basketball is on the rise — with a national team roster that could soon give Team USA the run they’ve wanted for years now.

With a young lineup full of NBA talents, Canada is set to replace Spain and Argentina as the toughest challenger USA Basketball according to Andrew Wiggins.

Even after Canada failed to qualify for the 2016 Olympics, Wiggins loved his team’s chances against the rest of the world if the full roster would have made that trip.

“I wish we would have made it when we had the qualifier in Mexico last summer,” Wiggins told postgame.com. “Even looking at the Olympics now, looking at the teams that were in there. The Canadian team has the second most talent on there.”

“I feel like we would have competed and played hard and played a big factor in that Olympics but you know, we’re looking forward to Tokyo in four years,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins for his part used the urgency of this upcoming season for the Timberwolves as priority over participation with Team Canada in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament that was held (July 5-10).

Canada’s National Team has a young and potentially loaded roster that now includes — Tristan Thompson, Corey Joseph, Tyler Ennis, with Wiggins and Jamal Murray joining the program as well. Other possible candidates include Trey Lyles, Kelly Olynyk and others.

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