Will Andy Reid Use Vick’s Concussion As An Excuse To Start Foles For Rest Of Year?

The question of today folks is this, is the fix in with regards to Michael Vick and the remainder of his career with the Eagles.

Earlier today we reported on Michael Vick having a significant concussion, and having symptoms that will probably keep Vick out of this weeks game against the Redskins.

The question now is will this concussion and reported symptoms keep Vick out for the remainder of the season.

If we all remember, a concussion ended Kevin Kolb’s tenure with the Eagles.

Granite the circumstances are completely different, but again, is the fix in.

Is Andy Reid using a concussion to his $100 million quarterback, as an excuse to get rookie Nick Foles in the lineup, and possibly save Reid’s job.

Sources have verified that regardless of when Vick starts to feel better, his rest will carry out through the remainder of the regular season.

Multiple reports state that Reid will go to Lurie and suggest that Foles play these final seven games.

Many feel that even though Foles may not be as talented as Vick, his ability to see over the defense and run the timing aspect of the Eagles offense is intriguing to Eagles brass.

Many wonder if this is the end of the road, and if so what suitors Vick will have in the off-season.




  1. He probably will use this to replace Mike. The offensive line is awful, If you don’t have a guy like Mike, that’s mobile in my opinion it makes the team worse. That said, Andy Reid is fighting for his job. At this point nothing would suprise me.

    1. I agree. I think Reid does have some loyalty to Vick, but at this point, each man for themselves. I am not sure how Foles is supposed to survive behind that line, but we shall see. Maybe if Reid can miraculously save his job, he’d go back to Vick

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