Will Mario Williams Be Super?

I’m sure Mario Williams has had the word Super used in correlation with his name many times to describe his play.  Well after signing the richest contract in NFL history for a defensive player Thursday, the words Super and Mario will be brought up and analyzed a lot over the next six seasons.

The combo linebacker-end signed a six-year contract Thursday with the Buffalo Bills worth $100 million, $50 million guaranteed and followed up the Detroit Lions signing of Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson to richest deal ever for an offensive player.

The question now will be can Mario Williams be the Superstar he is now paid to be?  Can Mario Williams lead the Buffalo Bills to a Superbowl.  See there goes that Super word again.

$50 million guaranteed is a ton of money for a guy who is not the first name you think of in terms of Super Defensive Players.  Williams will now make more than Troy Polamalu, DeMarcus Ware, Darrelle Revis, Patrick Willis, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, and Haloti Ngata to name a few.

I understand the Bills had to overpay for Williams, being that Buffalo lacks some of the bright lights and draw of other NFL cities. Williams by accepting the monstrous deal will now have to prepare himself for the massive expectations that come with such a distinction.  Mario Williams for all his fanfare has never played in one significant football games in his life.  He has no playoff experience or big wins to show of.  Even in little Buffalo those lights will now find Mario.  The two-time pro bowler has 53 career sacks in his six NFL seasons.  He reached double figure sacks in only two of those seasons. With Buffalo switching to a conventional 4-3 defense, Williams will now anchor a formidable front four along with Marcell Dareus, Kyle Williams, and end Chris Kelsay.

Super Mario will get to drive Tom Brady, Mark Sanchez, and possibly Matt Flynn crazy twice a season for the next six years.  With an improved defense and respectable offense, can the signing of Williams push the Bills past the Patriots and Jets in the AFC East?   Will it help change a culture of mediocrity that has existed since the mid 90’s.

I think Mario Williams when healthy is a top five pass rusher in this league.  Any comparisons to that Haynesworth guy because of the size of the deal is just disrespectful.  I just wonder will the signing of Super Mario be a game changer in the mode of the Reggie White to the Packers signing back in the day, or will Mario Williams just be a productive, solid double-digit sack guy who again shows all us experts why NFL free agency is such a crap shoot.

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