Yahu “Rock” Blackwell Is A King From The Yahudim

Roc (3)

Rock Blackwell hopes to eventually become the king of the Cruiserweight division — which goes with his ancestry since he is an African hebrew — a king from the Yahudim tribe of Judah.

After turning pro, Blackwell went 15-0 in the IBL, with a pro record of 15-1 record in the IBL (International Boxing League), an international boxing tournament outside of the ABC, compiling impressive victories in Scotland and in Spain.

Rock will be returning to the ABC march 12th and now ranks 10th in world with WBU and IBU, while also having a lucrative tv deal with Comcast sports net already set up.

Blackwell, who was born and raised in Baltimore with heritage from Yehuda, Israel, is more than a boxer, and believes his true calling is in helping people. Rock believes it is his calling to help restore his people, and he’s going to begin with a trip to Africa, Cameroon specifically.

Rock will be helping humanity by going to Africa in June to be with his Yahudim tribe, while also partnering with the my sister cares foundation to build an orphanage in Cameroon as well.


“I’ve done a lot for the community and my people but this is the first organization that I have partnered with.”

“I don’t trust most of these companies claiming to be about helping the people. I’ve never seen one organization come to my hood. I believe in personally making sure the people’s needs are being met.”

The My Sister Cares Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to giving food, shelter and clothing to orphans in Africa.

Blackwell and My Sister Cares will supply $65,000 worth of food, gas, clothes, shoes, toys and books to the children and families of Cameroon — while also holding a boxing seminar for the kids in Cameroon’s capitol, where the Cameroon Boxing Federation will honor him for his charitable efforts.

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