Yahu “Rock” Blackwell Preparing To Return To ABC In 2016


Rock’s days leading up to his return to the ABC consists of extensive sparring sessions, lasting 8-10 rounds, with as many as 4-5 sparring partners rotating in and out. The champ is preparing himself for whomever he meets in the ring, and to do that he’s in boxing’s backyard, Brooklyn, NY with mentor Coach Daniel Goody and Coach John Davis, who know just how to push Rock to his limits.

After going 15-0 oversea’s in the IBL, Rock is now back competing under the ABC. 2016 will usher Rock to the forefront of the boxing stage, so with that comes huge adjustments. Training sessions have become the focal point in getting the Cruiser weight boxer set for the next phase for a remarkable career. Still, there’s no stopping him now, discipline inside and outside the ring have led him to this point, where he now stands at the precipice greatness.

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